Aluminum system "Lux-thermo"

Keeps warm and does not let in noise from the street

Main characteristics

Installation depth - 70 mm
Wall thickness - 1.8 mm
Installation of double-glazed windows - 24 - 48 mm
Thermal insulation - 0.84 m2 °С/W
Noise insulation - up to 42 dB
Hacking protection - RC1 and RC2
  • Design

    The Lux-Thermo aluminum profile system conserves heat and does not let in noise from the street. It is best suited for the execution of external building elements: windows, doors, spatial structures in any RAL colors and decoration according to the structure of the tree.

  • Energy efficiency

    A high level of thermal and noise insulation is provided by a special polyamide insert, 32 mm thick, which significantly improves thermal insulation performance and prevents condensation. The installation depth of the frame is 70 mm, the wall thickness is 1.8 mm. Designs allow the use of double-glazed windows with a thickness of 24 mm to 48 mm.

  • Practicality

    Lux-Thermo is equipped with high-quality accessories of the most famous European manufacturers, including those with anti-burglary classes RC1 and RC2. To protect against external influences, the profiles have a smooth coating 5, which protects against mechanical damage.

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