Aluminum sliding system "Thermo"

Metal strength, wear resistance and durability with the ability to retain heat

Main characteristics

Installation depth - 151-233 mm
Wall thickness - 1.8 mm
Installation of double-glazed windows - 18-50 mm
  • Design

    Aluminum sliding systems Thermo combine three advantages: metal strength, wear resistance and durability with the ability to preserve heat. The visible part of the aluminum sliding structures is relatively narrow, so they let as much light into the building as possible

  • Tightness

    The "warm" aluminum Thermo system is distinguished by the presence of a thermal bridge to preserve heat in the home or office. The installation width of the profile is up to 233 mm, and the thickness of the glass unit can reach up to 50 mm. The Termo system meets the needs for water and sound insulation thanks to sealing along the entire perimeter.

  • Practicality

    The smooth sliding of the rollers and the tight fit of the structures of the Termo system make it an elegant and energy-saving addition to the home. We manufacture structures with a maximum height of 3000 mm and a maximum width of 5500 mm along the frame.

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