Fenster 500

Fenster 500
Fenster 500
Fenster 500
Fenster 500
Fenster 500

Thermal insulation - 0,82 W/m2K

Sound insulation - up to 35 dB

Building depth - 60 mm

Quantity of chambers - 5

Glazing - 24, 32, mm

Gasket color - black

Maximum square area - 6,5 м2

Anti-burglary protection - RC1 and RC2

Possibility to manufacture doors - external/internal opening

Possibility to manufacture non-standard forms - slanting, trapezoids, arches

Profile producer - Ukraine

Form possibilities

Windows can be made in all the most popular non-standard shapes: rectangular, arched, round, triangular, trapezoidal and others.

  • Elegant and functional design

    Fenster 500 windows combine restraint,practicality and functionality. The five-chamber profile is a universal choice for buildings of any purpose (residential, office,etc.), which will become an additional decoration of the facade and fill the room with light. Not only classic white - a wide range of lamination colors will allow you to choose exactly the shade that will perfectly match your interior.

  • Safety and comfort
    Comfort in winter and summer - this is easy toachieve with Fenster 500 windows. They take care of a favorable microclimate in thebuilding, preventing moisture and cold from outside. A profile with a width of 60 mm andan energy-efficient glass package of 32 mm guarantee comfort and safety. Together withhigh-quality German Siegenia fittings, they will become an obstacle to anyone trying to breakinto your home or office.
  • Quality for years

    Fenster 500 windows remain like new for a long time, because they are made of high-

    quality materials according to European standards. They maintain an attractive

    appearance during long-term use, requiring only periodic washing. The practical design

    makes Fenster 500 window maintenance easy and time-saving.

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