MegaLine 600

UPVC constructions reliably protect the house from external influences, create comfort and coziness. Wndows allow to achieve a high level of energy efficiency, as they prevent heat loss in winter and maintain a comfortable room temperature in summer. Using only high materials quality, professional European equipment and many years of experience.

Thermal insulation - 1,13 W/m2K

Sound insulation - up to 38 dB

Building depth - 70 mm

Quantity of chambers - 6

Glazing - 324, 32, 42 mm

Gasket color - gray, in laminated designs black

Maximum square area - 6,5 м2

Anti-burglary protection - basic

Possibility to manufacture doors - external/internal opening

Possibility to manufacture non-standard forms - slanting, trapezoids, arches

Profile producer - Ukraine

Necessity of reinforcinguPVC windows

The reinforcing profile adds uPVC products rigidity and stability that keep the windows stable and durable in exploitation.
Based on many years’ experience in uPVC windows production, Viknar’off uses a reinforcing profile with wall thickness up to 2 mm of zinc coated steel, resistant to corrosion and external influences.

The reinforcing provides protection against break-in. It also allows to experiment with sizes, to create large window and door systems that can withstand strong wind loads.

  • Smooth Shapes and Lots of Light

    MegaLine 600 windows are the combination of modern design and excellent features. The 6-chamber profile with elegant soft shapes provides coziness in the interior. The range of veneering colors gives the opportunity to supplement any design both classic and modern, minimalism and hi-tech. Our windows visually increase the light penetration and emphasize the elegance of your home

  • Retain Warm and Create Comfort

    With MegaLine 600 windows your home becomes safe, light and warm. With building depth of 70 mm and 44 mm glazing width your home will turn into a small fortress, protected from wind, rain and cold. For this type of profile, we recommend Siegenia Favorit Bazis hardware, which provides basic safety

  • Perfect Look After Long-Term Exploitation

    MegaLine 600 profile complies with the requirements of European standard EN. So it can be confidently considered as European quality at the Ukrainian price. The glossy surface of the profile is resistant to the sunlight, so the window will have a perfect look for many years. Thanks to additional seal in the glazing bead groove (“Housewife” option) windows are easy to care for and look clean without dirt and dust.

  • Eco—Friendly Profile

    The MegaLine 600 profile is completely safe and does not contain any harmful substances. Owing to modern production technologies, all components of the profile can be recycled. As secondary raw materials, they can continuously be used in the industry, and thus do not pollute the environment and save limited natural resources

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