MegaLine EU

UPVC constructions reliably protect the house from external influences, create comfort and coziness. HataHub windows allow to achieve a high level of energy efficiency, as they prevent heat loss in winter and maintain a comfortable room temperature in summer. Using only high materials quality, professional European equipment and many years of experience, HataHub manufactures windows that are out of competition

Thermal insulation - 1,13W/m2K

Sound insulation - up to 42 dB

Building depth - 70 mm

Quantity of chambers - 6

Glazing - 24, 32, 42mm

Gasket color - grey

Maximum square area - 6,5 м2

Anti-burglary protection - RC1 and RC2

Possibility to manufacture doors - external/internal opening

Possibility to manufacture non-standard forms - slanting, trapezoids, arches

Profile producer - European Union

Interior doors Megaline EU

Megaline EU profile system allows to make technologically correct interior doors. Thanks to a special sash with a height of 95 mm, which allows to install a lock without breaking the integrity reinforcement in the sash.

Megaline EU interior doors will become not only decoration of a home, but also a reliable assistant in the household life, because they will last for many years, thanks to stability, functionality and correct configuration. Another advantage of Megaline EU interior plastic doors there is a perfectly white glossy profile, which will allow you to maintain the neatness and cleanliness of the home without extra effort, and a variety of lamination colors will help implement any design solutions.

  • Quality in the Best European Traditions

    Megaline EU is profile designed and manufactured in the EU, has undergone proper testing and has already proven itself as a TOP product on the European market. Compliance with European standards allows to guarantee a long period of its operation, warmth and comfort.

    The six-chamber Megaline EU profile retains heat and coolness in the room 56% more efficiently than a conventional window, is adopted for home and commercial use, because frugality is a relevant feature for both areas of application.

  • More Warmth, Silence and Aesthetics

    Energy efficiency and noise protection are the main advantages of Megaline EU windows. This is evidenced by the indicators and compliance with European Union standards. The thermal insulation indicators are ready for the fiercest winters, and the noise protection indicators of 42 dB will guarantee the cozy silence of the home in the metropolis.

    In addition to perfect filling and high energy efficiency, the Megaline EU profile is a model of design ideas. It has rounded shapes, so it unites the windows and the interior into a single space.

  • Design & Installation

    Megaline EU windows, doors and sliding systems are available with 24, 32 and 42mm double-glazed windows, various types of door leafs and their openings. The maximum construction area is 6.2 m2 – this is more than enough to implement cool ideas.

    The Megaline EU profile system has a complete selection of additional profiles to design complex windows, and HataHub technological team offers various options for installation: from the simplest to the most energy-efficient, which adds even more advantages.

  • European profile + European equipment = Guarantee

    HataHub full-cycle production with German and Austrian equipment allows Megaline EU profile to cutquickly and qualitatively, laminate, combine with metal and double-glazed windows. All processes are automated as much as possible, which means that the result is perfect.

    Specifying a 7-year guarantee, we have secured a guarantee from our European partners, and we know for sure that Megaline EU windows and doors will not let you down.

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